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About Us is a new Internet based business dedicated to the aim of promoting local culture and society on the Internet.We offer our web users a variety of services including the first searchable Trinidad and Tobago Web Directory along with chat rooms, message boards, classifieds, free email and homepages. In the near future we would like to bring you up to the minute news, sports, weather and lots of other cool interactive features like customizable web pages, web polls, games etc. 

How is all this possible? 
To answer this question simply we depend on sponsors. The banner ads you see to the top of all our web pages pays for our operating costs. Therefore we advise our visitors to click on the ads as the more hits the sponsors get the more they would want to advertise and the more features we can afford to add to our site. 

Site looks very similar to Yahoo! 
This is the observation we get from most of our first time visitors. The reason for choosing this "look" is because Yahoo! is one of the most popular sites on the Internet (with over 1 million page views) and it is the site most users are familiar with, therefore users will be most comfortable with this "look". 
In addition to this we try to make our pages as simple as possible with easy navigation and very small load times in order to accommodate for low bandwidth users (most of Trinidad and Tobago users). 

Interested in becoming a Internet partner? 
Your company can become an instant web partner her by adding our search box to your website. This allows visitors to your website the capability to search our Web Directory. 


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