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Universality and Reach 
Establish a global presence, be easily accessible to over 40 million Internet subscribers, this figure is growing at a rate of approximately 10% per month.  
Any English speaking business or individual on the Internet can interact with your business regardless of where they are in the world or what type of computer software they have (you can put your web site in other languages as well, depending on where your target is)  

You will never find a less expensive way to market your product or service globally. Compared to other forms of advertising which would offer this kind of quality, reach and reliability, the cost is nominal.  
There are no printing or postage costs and the material can be readily updated. Your advertisement is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Marketing and Advertising  
Have an attractive presence, which will add prestige to your organisation. Your customers can learn about your products, services, or your organisation in as much detail as you want them to, without your company incurring any personnel costs or long distance telephone charges.  
The Internet address at which your site can be found can be printed all of your stationery and mentioned in all of your other methods of advertising.  

Accessibility to potential customers  
Let your business be one of those to show up when a customer searches the Internet for what they want.  
If you wish customers can order and even pay online. You can also get feedback as to what is of most interest to customers, so facilitating more effective and economical communication.  

Edge on competition  
Receive positive commercial exposure.  
The Internet levels the playing field by allowing a small business to have advertising of the same quality and reach as a multi-billion dollar company. Get on the Internet now and get ahead of the competition. 


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